Our expertise

Our goal is to help you improve your customer journey. In today's market it is essential to provide customers with a superior experience and have them be your brand ambassadors

We work together with you to understand your needs and see how we can help you, from doing Design Thinking workshops to provide close follow up after a project is implemented so we know your users are adopting the technology and taking advantage of it.

Adoption Value Framework

Validate: Confirm business outcomes internally and externally. We do this through frequent conversations with the line of business units and the IT departments that advise them. The Design Thinking methodology is key in this step.

Awareness: Know the features and functions of the solution in order to accomplish customer’s business outcomes. Our personnel are always updating their knowledge to be able to make the best recommendations, sometimes making small changes to what is already in place, some others it could be an infrastructure refresh or a new software developer, but even suggesting less technology is not off-the-table.

Leverage the Learnings: Define your key people and train them. Having internal sponsors for a project is key to its success, we help you identify those key individuals and train them when needed.

Utilization: track product/solution and features,  measuring KPI. When possible, we work together with you to understand what can be measured that provides information key to the success of the project.

Embed: demonstrate the value of implementing key solution features into customer’s internal processes. We collaborate with you to incorporate the project to your processes and have you take more advantage of your investment.

Stages of adoption

The adoption process shows us how our solution/product is used, achieving customer’s business
outcomes and satisfaction, and understanding the evolution of the purchase. Helps maximize the value
added to their business processes.

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