DevNet Certification

Cisco provides IT products and services across five major technology areas: Networking, Security, Collaboration, Data Center, and the Internet of Things.

It is through DevNet Specialization that Cisco offers the opportunity to support  partners.

The goal of the DevNet specialization is to show a way to implement a software development best practices focused on automation and application development using Cisco platforms.

At Altus we consider that this specialization is essential in order to provide our clients  products characterized by their leadership in software, automation and programmability.

Certification benefits

Industry transformation:
Cisco is considered one of the world leaders in driving application programming and connection (API) to enable automation and platform programming.

No one could predict the global challenge that COVID-19 imposed on the world. The changes and restrictions caused by the pandemic created the need to be flexible in building solutions that can adapt to changing market conditions.

The DevNet specialization is a response to clients' need to find partners who can assist in the evaluation and development of context-specific solutions through CISCO.

Customer experience:
Our clients must respond in an agile way to commercial pressures and at Altus we are committed to developing solutions that help them achieve their objectives.

For this reason, DevNet certifications are an essential tool to impact our clients by offering them increasingly refined solutions acquired throughout the process.

Professional growth:
The DevNet certification requirements are an excellent opportunity for engineers who want to learn and grow professionally to do so.

These new skills acquired  through certification by our employees offer young and experienced professionals opportunities to increase their knowledge and skills and allow  to implement the knowledge as they develop their work.