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Our goal is to make our apps easy to use, as well as focus not on features but on value. We do not believe in "the more, the better" but in "less is more". Why struggle with five steps if the problem can be solved in just one?

We love the Cisco collaboration architecture

For this reason we have developed different solutions based on Cisco Contact Center platforms to improve the experience of our customers.

Altus Suite

It is a suite of applications that complements and optimizes Cisco collaboration platforms. Its objective is to improve business management and customer service

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Omni Suite

Offer an omni channel experience to your customers with our suite of Cisco contact center applications.

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Why our products?

Our applications are implemented using the most modern software development tools, are 100% web-based and extremely intuitive and easy to use.

  • Technology

    Our applications use modern technologies that facilitate the entire workflow.

  • Intuitive and easy to use

    We understand that ease of use and adoption are key to the success of a project, which is why we always have the customer experience as the top priority.

  • Easy to integrate

    Our systems are easy to integrate with third-party solutions through custom development, by you or by us.

Altus Suite

Altus Suite is a set of applications that complement the Cisco collaboration solution, specifically the Cisco Unified Contact Center Express. Altus Suite allows you to get more out of your investment in Cisco infrastructure.


Altus Quality Manager

Evaluate the quality of your company's telephone interactions.
We offer you a platform made up of 2 modules:
1. Call recording module
2. Satisfaction survey module

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Altus Collaboration Manager

Gain greater visibility into phone call spend, set policies for your contact center usage, and reduce your operating costs

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Altus Collaboration Manager

With ACCM, you can easily manage outbound campaigns and quickly modify your company's IVRs.

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Altus Live Stats

Real-time statistics are key to managing a Contact Center. With ALS you can have easy-to-consume information at your fingertips that simplifies your daily operations.

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Altus Quality Manager (AQM)

Monitor interactions with your customers through call recordings and get their comments and feedback through surveys.

Continuous improvement of agents

Use the information to improve agent training and give them feedback


Solicit feedback from your customers through IVR and chat surveys.

Call search

Request feedback from your customers through IVR and chat surveys. Perform call searches based on criteria such as date and time, destination extension, origin extension, duration of the call and more.


Business intelligence for your contact center.

AQM has for 2 modules:

Call recording module

Organizations can assess and monitor the quality of telephone interactions between their customers and their contact agents. By doing so, they can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Survey module

Offering your customers a great experience while interacting with your contact center is the best way to ensure their satisfaction and loyalty. Knowing how your customers perceive the service they receive is a great opportunity to make improvements.

Altus collaboration Manager (ACM)

With ACM we facilitate level 1 support and management of your Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Level 1 support

With an easy-to-use interface, we empower first-level support to resolve requests quickly in a controlled environment.

Policy Compliance

Implement call policies for your Cisco call center.

Lower costs

ACM helps you reduce operating expenses.


You can delegate the management of some CUCM tasks.

Altus Contact Center Manager (ACCM)

Manage your contact center easily and without technical knowledge.ACCM allows you to quickly create, edit and delete options from your IVR, without depending on the technology department or your contact center provider.

Menu Update

It allows you to keep the menu options updated without the need for technical knowledge.

IVR Options

It allows you to create menu options from a web interface, as well as edit and move them using drag and drop.

Audio recording

You can record audios from mobile phone or PC and then convert them in ACCM to MP3.


The menu options can be customized so that the call is sent to a queue or to an extension.

Altus Live Stats (AlS)

Altus LIVE STATS ofrece una solución de visualización de datos en tiempo real para el Cisco Unified Contact Center Express®.

El sistema extrae de forma contínua las estadísticas de su centro de contactos y las presenta de una forma gráfica, en un
formato sencillo de interpretar visualmente.

Real-time display

It allows you to track the performance statistics of your contact center. View all answered and abandoned calls for a particular agent during a one-day period, and the current day's service level.

Maintain your level of service

ALS calculates the service level of the contact center automatically, based on the guidelines established by the client.


ALS allows you to easily and quickly filter by:
- Agent
- Call queue
- Waiting time
- Source number
- Destination number
- Work time
- Date and time
- Talk time
- Call time

Color indicator

Thanks to color indicators you can see the status of a queue at a glance.


Our staff is certified in different Cisco technologies, so customers can be sure that we are up to date and that our projects are going to be implemented with the best industry practices.

We have more than 10 years of experience

As a company, we have gone through multiple transitions and technological changes, we understand when it is necessary to adjust to best serve the needs of our clients.

Customer Experience

Customer experience is key. We cannot talk about a technological project without making sure that it is adopted and solves the pain point of the client.

continuous improvement

Our industry is constantly evolving, we firmly believe in continuous improvement. Just because a technology helped three years ago, doesn't mean it's the same one we have to use today.

Omni Suite

Omni Suite es una solución omni-canal que complementa el Cisco Unified Contact Center Express al permitir a los agentes interactuar con clientes en WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter y Telegram directamente desde la interfaz nativa de chat de Finesse.

Omni Connector

Omni Connectors is a bridge that connects social channels like WhatsApp and Facebook Messegner with Cisco contact centers.

Omni bot

Omni Bot is a conversational virtual assistant with the ability to automatically interact with customers to answer frequently asked questions and conduct business.

Omni Context

Omni Context stores all past interactions with each customer and then provides agents with the necessary context information for future interactions with the same customer.

Omni Video agent

Omni Video Agent offers the ability to escalate any customer interaction, be it phone or chat, to a video call.

Omni Connector

Communication channel:
It can be one or more channels, such as web chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter, among others.

Altus Omni Connector:
Our cloud service that interconnects the different chat channels with the Cisco contact center.

Cisco Contact Center:
It can be based on the Customer collaboration platform or CCP solution in the case of UCCX or on Cisco ECE (Enteprise Chat & Email), in the case of UCCE.

Omni Bot

Communication channel:
It can be one or more channels, such as web chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter, among others.

Altus Omni Bot:
Our virtual assistant service in the cloud, capable of answering questions and carrying out actions as if it were a human agent.

A Google service that allows the chatbot to understand the natural language that people commonly use

Omni Connector y Omni Bot

If both the integration of WhatsApp with UCCX/UCCE and the chatbot functionality are required, it is possible to combine both products, in such a way that when the chatbot is not able to understand the question that the client asked or, when the client expressly requested, the conversation can be escalated to a contact center agent, either UCCX or UCCE

The entire history of the conversation between the chatbot and the customer is sent to the agent so that the agent has the context of the conversation and can serve the customer properly.

The licensing model is based on the number of conversations that take place during a given period of time. The chatbot can respond with: text, images and hyperlinks.

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