Infrastructure projects

A successful company needs a strong foundation from where it can create world-class products and services. We implement IT infrastructure projects using technologies from leading technology vendors.

This is how we work

We believe in a multi-pronged approach, with certified engineers to handle the implementation, with software developers to help customize what is needed to achieve the business goals and with a Customer Experience area that accompanies the customer in their adoption journey.
Prepare Phase

ALTUS meets with the customer to identify the organization’s requirements, develop a design strategy for the solution to be implemented and propose an initial Project Plan, which defines the customer’s expectations in terms of scope, cost and time.

Planning Phase

The detailed Project Plan is defined which includes the schedule, tasks, responsibilities, critical milestones and resources required to execute the implementation of the contracted products and services. The plan is aligned with the scope, time and cost defined in the Prepare phase.

Design Phase

ALTUS reviews with the customer the details of the solution to be implemented, including equipment components, software and services. Additionally, the requirements that the customer’s IT infrastructure must support to implement the contracted products and services are defined.

Implementation Phase

Following industry best practices, formal project management is executed to implement the contracted products and services. This phase is led by consultants with experience in IT service managementprocesses and certified in industrybest practices such as ITIL®, as well as consultants with experience in project management and certified in industry best practices such as PMP®.


Once the products and services contracted have been implemented, the process and project teams delegate the operation of the service to the Managed Services Unit. This phase focuses on executing the processes defined jointly by ALTUS and the customer for managing the implemented products and services.


Through Continuous Improvement processes, the operation of implemented products and services is analyzed and recommendations are proposed on how to improve the operation of the IT infrastructure.


Our personnel is certified in different Cisco technologies so customers can be sure we are up to date and that our projects are going to be implemented with the best industry practices


As a company, we have been through multiple technology transitions and changes, we understand when someone needs to be adjusted to better serve our customers' needs.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience is key. We can not talk about a technology project without making sure it is implemented, adopted and that it actually solved the customer pain point.

Continuous improvement

In our ever evolving industry, we believe strongly in continuous improvement, just because a technology helped three years ago, it does not mean it is the same we have to use today.

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